Friday, July 27, 2007

zippity do dah....

Things that make me feel good today....or, I'm not focused enough to concentrate

The Chieftains playing a traditional reel was the first song on my radio this morning .
It was followed by The Highwaymen singing I'm gonna live forever .
I had my favourite mexican dinner last evening and even have some left over today.
I spent some good time with my dad last night.
He actually approved of the apartment I want and managed to "negotiate" $25 off of the rent. I had no idea that was possible.
I'm going to take the apartment...provided it's cleaned VERY well and the chimney is cleaned out too so I can use the fireplace.
It's a VERY old house, so the spacing and layout leaves a little to be desired, but I think I can make it into something very awesome.
I think I still get a month to live stay at dad's while the rental agency gets the place ready.
I should save a good bit of money every month by not having the house.
My friends are driving here this weekend instead of me going there because it's my last weekend in the house.
It's my last weekend in the house!
Soon I will have The Awesomest Porch Ever!
I need to buy a WVU flag to fly.
I'm wearing my Championship Vinyl t-shirt today and since losing a couple pounds, I resemble John Cusack more than Jack Black. And that's always good.
Did I mention that this is my last weekend being saddled with in the house?

Have a great weekend everyone!


brookLyn gaL said...

Um, I clearly should have put this together before because your name is Country Roads, BUT you're a Mountaineers fan?!?! It's a long story why- and it doesn't make much sense- but I am too!

p.s. both John Cusack and Jack Black are HOTT.

country roads said...

well, see, I knew you had good sense!

and the name was a nickname a guy in texas gave me once...from the john denver song...cuz I'm from WV.

onthevirg said...

I know this is probably none of my business but...why you so happy to get out of your house? Some kind of bad experience or just something gone wrong?

brookLyn gaL said...

Right, I know the song. That's why I'm annoyed that I didn't make the connection sooner. :)

Ha Ha Sound said...

Hey congrats on renting the new place!!!! That's awesome. Here's to wishing you a hassle free move and a fun time in your new apartment.

country roads said...

no, virg, there's nothing wrong with it...I'm just selling it after a break-up. 1. I never really wanted it to begin with, and 2. I'd rather have the money every month than the house itself.