Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No special sauce for me, thanks

I stopped at McDonald's for breakfast this morning on the way to work (because I'm a health nut) and opted for the combo meal with coffee. Really I just like to see how much abuse my body can take in any given week before it revolts and forces me to eat a salad or something. Anyway, I was sitting here staring intently at the coffee cup (because that's how hard I work) when I noticed little selector things on the side for marking how the coffee's made. It had an oval for each of the following choices: Cream, Sugar, Sweetener, and Other. Just what in the hell is Other?? Are they putting shots of whisky in coffee now at Mickey D's? Or is that for when you really piss off the counter person? I'll just take mine black, thankyouverymuch.

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Ha Ha Sound said...

You can now get Chicken McNuggets in your coffee. A 20 pack is only 50 cents more. =+)