Thursday, August 16, 2007

now he needs WD-40

Apparently Billy Ray Cyrus is not the only Man of Wonder coming out of Kentucky. Speaking of Billy Ray, I once got a haircut in the very shop that he used to frequent before becoming a “famous” “musician.” No, they didn’t give me the royal treatment and make my hair look like his either. Luckily.

Anyway, back to our story. This man was arrested for robbery. Note the mask. Made of duct tape. I know it’s a very useful thing to have around, but, um, isn’t it going to hurt when he takes it off? What’s next? Duct tape underwear? They should’ve let him go free because he obviously needs the money. The poor guy can’t even afford a proper mask. No wonder he got caught. It’s nearly impossible to do a job right without the correct tools. And when you’re robbing something, a mask is pretty damn important. Plus, he’s obviously bat-shit crazy. He put duct tape on his face. His Face. Face. Duct tape. Sticky, hard to remove (especially in the heat) duct tape. Speaking for all hillbillies out there, I’m sorry that this guy made the news. And, I’m sorry, Kentucky, that your name once again is associated with this kind of foolishness. I choose to not think of this idiot and Billy Ray but rather remember fondly drinking beer by the light of the flames from the refinery.


Mortarbored said...

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Ah, moonshine.

Jeff said...

Maybe the duct tape has something to do with the bloody lip. Or, he might have just had really cheap cosmetic surgery.

TK said...

Looks like the cops gave him a little extra when they caught him.

But it's actually a good idea! Just think, if you mask is made of tape, no one can rip it off while you're trying to get away.

Of course, that brilliance is contingent on actually... getting away.

BTW - my word verification was "handjo". Seriously. I so wish the "b" was there.

Ha Ha Sound said...

Maybe his ears were lose and the duct tape was holding them onto his head?

Seriously, that photo is disturbing.

brookLyn gaL said...

I bet he couldn't get it off. So then when the cops came around looking for someone in a duct tape mask, he probably wasn't hard to find. said...

You could actually learn something from this guy if you'd apply his duct taping technique to your plastic wrap technique.