Wednesday, August 15, 2007

because it's one of THOSE days

Since Midwesterner is live blogging today and I'm caught up in that like a crack addict, you get random bullshit. Enjoy.

So I'm walking back through the breakroom from my umpteenth break of the morning when I notice a table filled with snack machine goodies. They take the "out of date" things out when they restock it and just leave them on the table for us. Brilliant! What in a snack machine wouldn't last through a nuclear winter and still be lip-smackingly delicious? Exactly.

I picked up a bag of Honey BBQ chips and made my way smugly back to my desk with my newfound wealth. Opening the bag, I noticed the furious looking bee on the bag chomping on a chip. He looks totally EXTREME (whatever that means). Plus, he's totally ghetto, posing against a brick wall/honey comb with the graffiti type lettering at the bottom of the bag. I mean, are people this stupid that they think that this packaging is attractive and that they MUST. HAVE. THESE. CHIPS??? I mean, come on, I wouldn't have gotten them if it weren't for the fact that they cost FREE. At this point, I was expecting a shitty BBQ chip with a tang of honey (?) or something that was supposedly sweet...I. Was. Wrong. These were some of the best chips I've had. Surprisingly smooth and sweet with a bite of decent BBQ flavour. Go me. I went back and got another bag for later....

But, seriously, check out this bee. What in the hell is his problem?

now I have to clean potato chip crumbs out of my scanner.

**today's blog brought to you by Herr's Honey BBQ Potato Chips

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Ha Ha Sound said...

The bee looks like he'll kill you if you try to take his chip away. Definitely not a welcoming mug on that guy.

Glad that the chips were good, though. I've never actually seen them around before.