Thursday, August 21, 2008

This is vaguely creepy

This article about Comcast monitoring the internet for people bitching about Comcast and then responding to said complaints (albeit helpfully) kinda creeps me out a bit.

That being said, I have Comcast cable and am wearing out the mute button on my remote. TBS and USA and sometimes TNT are broadcast at a lower volume than the rest of the stations, so I have to turn the tv way up to hear it (especially over the Stomp Olympics Qualifying upstairs). Then, when the commercials come on, there are, without fail, 2 in a row at some point in the break that blare out at a volume reminiscent of the old Maxell tape commercial with the guy in the chair being blown away by the sound.

I'm either gonna need a new remote, or someone at the local Comcast office needs to learn to operate the sound board a little better. I wonder if Comcast will notice this email...about Comcast.

By the way, I do like the turtle commercials.


GMan said...

I don't have Comcast but I have the same problem with the volume levels. I hate when the commercials come on and it is TWICE as loud as the show you were watching. All it makes me do is change the channel so it really isn't helping their advertising any. said...

I used to create movie trailers (previews) for a major motion picture company. There is a regulating agency called TASA (Theatrical Audio Standards Association) which regulates how loud you can make a promo. Surely, there must be something like this is Television; if so, I agree that they are doing a terrible job. If not, someone needs to jump on it stat.

Comcast®™©™ said...

Dear Mr. Roads,

We have read your blogpost, and would like to offer you the following suggestion:

Unplug your television and throw it out the living room window. The internets are where it's at anyway. Just be sure to keep paying your bill in the appropriate amount of time.


Lioux said...

I love, Love, Love the turtle commercials too.

Which is strange, because they're not even Teenage Mutant.

Or Ninjas for that matter.