Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Product Review, Part the Something

Say you're at the store and you're on a budget. You live alone and like to cook, but most days cooking a really good meal for one person is a big pain in the ass. You like meals that have a little of everything and consist of more than just opening a can. You grew up eating tv dinners and when you walk by them in the freezer aisle, you get a little nostalgic. Except you're nostalgic for being a kid and sitting in front of the tv on a Friday watching the Dukes of Hazzard, but whatever. Then, all of a sudden, you see it. The Hungry Man Dinners....on sale for $2 ea. They're apparently usually $4. I'll get to that in a minute.

So, now you're sitting at home. You got home a little later this evening and it's perfectly cloudy and cool outside so you sit on the porch and drink some beers. 6 later, and you're hungry, but you realize it's now 6:30. Well, hell. That's not time enough to thaw some meat and prepare a real meal. But, wait!!! What's that in the freezer?

Why, it's a Mexican Fiesta! Well, colour me happy! It even has some type of pudding dessert with it. Holy shit! Fire up that microwave, here I come!
If I just described ANY of your thought processes, please stop before you get to the meal in the picture. You'll thank me later.
I'm afraid to exhale heavily today.


Lioux said...

I've come to believe there are very few, if any, awesome decisions made after 6 beers.

A meal(?) isn't the only thing I've regretted the day after.

Elliemae said...

Where the hell did they find the food on the front of the box? The actual food looks as though someone has already eaten it once or twice. Wait a minute...when did you take photo #2 ????

Jen said...

Dood. That picture scares me, even. Oh, and your comment on my "people not returning carts" post made me guffaw. That's awesome. I think I may go with that approach as well!