Thursday, April 24, 2008

It had to be this week, didn't it?

I'm supposed to be leaving for the beach for the weekend today at 3:30. That would put us at Hooters having pitchers of beer and dinner and almost there by 7ish. It's supposed to be 70 degrees or more there all weekend. The house is free. The beer may or may not be on ice right now. The problem? I'm sick. And so is my friend that's going along. And, we have been. All. Week. I mean, all week...really? Who in the hell has a fever for 4 days? I'm going back and forth today between feeling like chugging 3 or 4 pitchers and curling up under my desk and dying...or passing out...and not in that good way that I would probably be feeling later this weekend. We've been planning this and looking forward to it since January. I LOVE the beach. I don't, however, think I would love feeling like I did this morning when I woke up and being 5 hours away from home. On someone else's couch. I don't know. It irritates me because I'll bust my ass to get to work regardless of how I feel, but I'm actually considering passing on this trip because I feel like hell and all I want to do is lay around. Does that make sense? I mean, am I nuts? I should go anyway and hope that I'll get better. Otherwise, I know that I'll start to feel better tomorrow afternoon anyway and it'll be too late to go........Of course, if I didn't get better while I was there, it would be a cheap trip. Damn being sick.......


Lioux said...



I think you should go. I mean, you can't be sick forever, right?!

If you go have an AWESOME time, but have an AWESOME weekend no matter what you do.

Feel better.

OmySue said...

You should def go! I mean, you can be sick at home, or you can be sick drinking beer and laying in the sand or floating in the water. I'd choose the latter. I have beach fever right now.

And I'm beginning to wonder about your location since the flowers and temperature are about the same. And the distance to the nearest beach sounds about the same?

onthevirg said...

You must go. There is no other acceptable option.