Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dumbass, party of one?

Let me tell you what I did yesterday.......

Without going into too much detail about what I do for a living, because no one really cares (hell, I don't care most of the time), I have a big machine that essentially develops metal plates for printing. This machine has to be turned on and properly warmed up for 25 minutes every morning (sounds like a girl I used to know) before any actual work can be done. Yesterday, I come in and go through the usual routine except there's no display on the control panel. Nothing. I can hear a fan running, so I know that it's trying to run, but it won't come on. So, I sit and curse at it for 2 hours until the techs come in and I can call them. At noon, a service guy shows up. Wonderful!!! About 45 minutes later, he had it running again. The problem? I must've hit the emergency stop button first thing in the morning, thereby killing all power to the machine. He reset the button and off we went. Oops.


Digital Fortress said...

Sometimes things like that can be a blessing in disguise...if your gear isn't working properly you can't work either. Unless you have to kill yourself later to catch-up.

Lioux said...


This type of thing used to happen to me all the time @ Company, Inc.

I think I may be electronically challenged.

Ha Ha Sound said...

Yeah, I hate stuff like that. I once accidentally hit the "off" button on my modem, and then spent over an hour yelling at my cable service provider until I realized what I'd done.