Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Oddly, I still feel the same this year. When the clock ticked 12:00 and the ball dropped and Dick Clark looked as if he was ready to steal Ryan Seacrest's soul so he could make it another year, I couldn't tell much difference. Hell, I didn't even drink a lot. I put my coat on and headed home. Odd, that.

The best part of the weekend? A fancy dinner Friday night with good friends and Law and Order marathons.....

I didn't make any resolutions this year. I really never do. Hell, who am I kidding? I can't resolve to get up at the same time every day to come to work. I figure there's no reason to set myself up for disappointment later in the year Everyone knows I don't have much resolve. I don't know, though. I did watch my favourite movie Monte Walsh and decided that maybe I don't have to change with the times as much as I sometimes feel the pressure to. So, in some backhanded way, maybe I did make a resolution. To stay me.

Hmm...hope it works out better this year than it has in the past :-P


Laughing through my chardonnay said...

It seems that everyone has the sane thoughts about NYE and 2007. Here's to a better 2008!

Nina said...

Now that's odd. I don't feel much different either. I keep waiting to wake up all energized and attack my list of things to do, and I end up ordering take out and reading blogs. Which is exactly what I did for most of last year, the year that was supposed to be so unlike this year. Hm.

123Valerie said...

Are you an SVU or a CI fan, J? Or old school Jeffery Orbach Law and Order?

I'm not picky. I like them all. I may or may not have an unhealthy fascination with Vincent Donofrio.

Happy New Year's, kid. I'll let you know when I'm down your way--prolly toward the end of January. You may even get to meet The Megan Jane.

MsPuddin said...

Hey sometimes those laid back nights are the best =)

Happy New Year!